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The Girlboss Collective

An experiential wonderland featuring our favorite women-run shops and activities galore.

Where Self-Improvement Meets Self-Expression

We've invited a handful of artists and experts to hand out and share their services with all of us.

Nice Tattoo Parlor

Nice Tattoo Parlor Booth

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings

Resume Consultation

1x1 Resume Consultations

Ask A Girlboss Networking

Private “Ask A Girlboss” Sessions

Sophia’s Bookstore

Sophia’s Bookstore

Shop Our Favorite Women-Run Businesses, In One Place

It’s our very own Girlboss department store, filled with some of your favorite brands, up-and-coming shops, and a few of our very own Girlboss community businesses.

The Girlboss Collective

As a bonus, you'll get to jump the queue to join the Girlboss Collective.

Play around with our latest and greatest: Girlboss Collective. It's a place for you to ask questions, get advice, and network with women as smart and ambitious as you are. You'll be able to sign up for the list at the event, jumping the currently 25k+ waiting list.

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